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Where the Sun Sets


America missed a significant chance. Perhaps it was not the right time for this opportunity. Perhaps, now I ponder, Giuliani was too good to be real. we will be sorry for that, no doubt. America could have begin a new brave direction with him, but we simply missed it. I still think he shouldn’t quit. After all, who the fuck are these stupid Floridans to decide for a nation, and the world?


Red, Blue and Beyond


Giuliani and Bloomberg marching in the gay pride parade in Manhattan in 2001.

Economy? National security? Social tolerance? Isn’t he the obvious choice?

Opposing gay and lesbian equality is not consistent with the conservative core principles of smaller government and personal freedom. Equality will be impossible to achieve without Republican votes.  Working from inside the Party—educating other Republicans about gay and lesbian issues—is the most effective way to gain new Republican allies for equality.



Heath Ledger ( 1979-2008 )
Behold the man that loved and lost
Dear Ennis,
Your are dead now but last night, because of you, because of your death, my parents had a chance to, at least feel, perhaps for the first time in their lives, the genuineness and the possibility of an impossible and unimaginable love. Stars never die, their supernovae illuminates.

Then happy I, that loved and am beloved

Oscar Wilde

`He began by pointing out that the young man to whom Shakespeare addressed these strangely passionate poems must have been somebody who was a really vital factor in the development of his dramatic art, and that this could not be said either of Lord Pembroke or Lord Southampton. Indeed, whoever he was, he could not have been anybody of high birth, as was shown very clearly by the 25th Sonnet, in which Shakespeare contrasts himself with those who are great princes’ favourites,”

says quite frankly—‘

1. Let those who are in favour with their stars
Of public honour and proud titles boast,
Whilst I, whom fortune of such triumph bars,
Unlook’d for Joy in that I honour most

Oscar Wilde, 1889. “The Portrait of Mr. W.H.” 



Graham Norton

“Scores of straight producers make sure I am as gay this week as I was last week.” (Graham Norton) Is he complaining about stereotyping? To some extent. But I think it’s a really moving idea that we are now on the threshold of a new understanding of cultural attachments of sexual orientations; you are not gay by being gay by “nature.” You cannot straightforwardly deduce “gayness” from being a gay.

Even though this is blatantly essentialist, let me enjoy it just this one time: Sometimes I find myself as deifying Graham Norton. I adore his absofuckinglutely mysterious inexplicable effect, whatever it is,  and I have this very frenzied tendency to think people like him (which the category does not automatically includes all gays necessarily, but a section of them) as the loveliest, dearest, most charming, innocent, enthralling people in the entire universe.


Sincerely Yours

Rainer Werner Fassbinder

“Every decent director has only one subject, and finally only makes the same film over and over again. My subject is the exploitability of feelings, whoever might be the one exploiting them. It never ends. It’s a permanent theme. Whether the state exploits patriotism, or whether in a couple relationship, one partner destroys the other.”

Rainer Werner Fassbinder 


I’m Not There

Todd Haynes, 2007. I’m Not There. [Cate Balnchett]

Billy the Kid: People are always talking about freedom. Freedom to live a certain way, without being kicked around. Course the more you live a certain way, the less it feel like freedom. Me, uhm, I can change during the course of a day. I wake and I’m one person, when I go to sleep I know for certain I’m somebody else. I don’t know who I am most of the time.