Graham Norton

“Scores of straight producers make sure I am as gay this week as I was last week.” (Graham Norton) Is he complaining about stereotyping? To some extent. But I think it’s a really moving idea that we are now on the threshold of a new understanding of cultural attachments of sexual orientations; you are not gay by being gay by “nature.” You cannot straightforwardly deduce “gayness” from being a gay.

Even though this is blatantly essentialist, let me enjoy it just this one time: Sometimes I find myself as deifying Graham Norton. I adore his absofuckinglutely mysterious inexplicable effect, whatever it is,  and I have this very frenzied tendency to think people like him (which the category does not automatically includes all gays necessarily, but a section of them) as the loveliest, dearest, most charming, innocent, enthralling people in the entire universe.


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