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A Mouth to Own


And ye Megarians, at Nesaea dwelling,
Expert at rowing, mariners excelling,
Be happy ever! for with honors due
Th’ Athenian Diocles, to friendship true
Ye celebrate. With the first blush of spring
The youth surround his tomb: there who shall bring
The sweetest kiss. whose lip is Purest found,

Back to his mother goes with garlands crowned.
Nice touch the arbiter must have indeed,
And must, methinks, the blue-eyed Ganymede
Invoke with many prayers—a mouth to own
True to the touch of lips, as Lydian stone
To proof of gold—which test will instant show
The pure or base, as money changers know.


[describing a local kissing contest for boys]

“Out” of Community


Moby says he’d “much rather align myself with the gay community than the straight community” and says that he still stands by statements he made some time ago that gays are “superior to straight people.” He explains: “I also said that if and when I ever have children, I want gay children, which didn’t really endear me to the Christian right wing of America. There are a lot of people in the world who are virulently homophobic or misogynistic or anti-Semitic, and what baffles me is that if you just look at it empirically, gays, women, and Jews are certainly responsible for far fewer violent crimes than straight white guys.”



Roy Cohen [By Robert Mapplethorpe, 1981.]

Because of his quintessential ambiguity, Roy Cohn was one of the gayest icons in the US political history. He was a lifelong Republican who in the 1950s worked on the red-baiting McCarthy Hearings, using economic and even sexual blackmail to coerce testimony. As a lawyer he later represented mobsters such as Fat Tony Salerno and members of the Gambino crime family. He was eventually disbarred for unethical and unprofessional conduct. Although he had been “outed” decades before and made little effort to hide his lifestyle, he continued to officially deny his homosexuality until his death from AIDS in 1986. Far far beyond throwing judgment, is hypocrisy a gay thing?




The Warren Cup, mid-1st century AD. British Museum

The scenes on each side shows two pairs of male lovers. On one side the erastes (older, active lover) is bearded and wears a wreath while the eromenos (younger ‘beloved’, passive) is a beardless youth. A servant tentatively comes through a door. In the background is a draped textile, and a kithara (lyre) resting on a chest. In the scene on the other side the erastes is beardless, while the eromenos is just a boy. Auloi (pipes) are suspended over the background textile, and folded textiles are lying on a chest. The surroundings suggest a cultured, Hellenized setting with music and entertainment. (From the British Museum’s Website)


Their Beginning


Their Beginning

Their illicit pleasure has been fulfilled.
They get up and dress quickly, without a word.
They come out of the house separately, furtively;
and as they move off down the street a bit unsettled,
it seems they sense that something about them betrays
what kind of bed they’ve just been lying on.
But what profit for the life of the artist:
tomorrow, the day after, or years later, he’ll give voice
to the strong lines that had their beginning here.

Constantine P. Cavafy



Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1980. In a Year with 13 Moons

“Every seventh year is a lunar year. Those people whose lives are essentially dominated by their emotions suffer particularly strongly from depressions in these lunar years. The same is also true of years with 13 new moons, albeit not quite so strongly. And if a lunar year also happens to be a year with 13 new moons, the result is often a personal catastrophe.”


Sense and Sensibility

2008 Democratic Primary Election: Hillary vs. Obam

This primary election is really exciting and educating because the identity politics of the 1960s, and its ensuing challenges, has reached its peak. Oprah, an African American woman, backs an African American, not a woman; and Marianne Williamson has just made this facile argument that she was not going to vote for Hillary Clinton because: “I’m not going to vote with my vagina.” Williamson must bear this in her mind that women did NOT have the right to vote for over 120 after the declaration of “human” rights exactly and merely because of their vaginae i.e. solely because they were women. To a libertarian mind like mine it seems now, Clinton is the obvious best option not because of (nor in spite of) her gender but more importantly because of her credence. Let’s not down play the importance of identity politics.